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Ideas = Power

I believe in #EvolutionaryCreativity the one that led us to carve the wheel in stone, to be clear. So I've started a journey through Best Practices and Case Histories of brands, companies, entrepreneurs, who with their #ideas have created today's world. Please, enjoy.

One of the most important thing I have learnt in my job, as Creative Director, is that if you want to choose "the best" among several ideas, you have to identify the one that is able to change the world.

This is an unquestionably valid parameter when it is used to assess the effectiveness of creativity applied to communication, and it is even more true when creativity is one of the assets of a company's business model.

Let us take the example of #JeffBezos and his Amazon. At the basis of Amazon's success and development there is a formidable creative idea that Bezos discovered, in which he strongly believes and which he translated as follows: "Kill your own business".

If you are wondering what is healthy and exceptional about the idea of sabotaging your own business, the answer is "Innovation". Bezos' intuition is to reinvent a business and to project energies and resources towards a single horizon, pushing it further and further. In practice, it provides a model that allows you to do what your competitors are constantly trying to do, anticipating them and virtually eliminating the risk of them succeeding, while remaining a leader.

This is the idea that transformed a company that sold and distributed books into a global colossus, which launched the e-book industry by digitalizing millions of titles and created Kindle: a new market was created.

Here we see another characteristic of great ideas: they tend to be "disruptive" to past paradigms and, at the same time, capable of setting new standards: yesterday we bought a mobile phone, today a smartphone: the latter has turned the former into a fossil.

In the words of #ClaytonChristensen in his book #TheInnovatorsDilemma, big companies fail precisely because they didn't want to believe in the promises of technological innovation, or of new markets, "spinning out of control", around their traditional business models.

Those who work in the field of creativity and communication, today find themselves more and more often working alongside companies, managers and entrepreneurs, precisely when they are going through these moments of transformation.

Participating in the Business Design phase is an opportunity for both parties: for the company because it can recreate its business model according to the creative asset in which it believes; and for the creative person who can generate Value with innovative ideas for the market, not just those applied to communication.

The creativity of men like Bezos, Jobs, Gates - if a comparison is allowed - has one thing in common with that of communication' creatives: the predisposition and the ability to intercept a winning idea, formulate it, transform it into a Vision and thus create a winning business model, from scratch.

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